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Computech offers computer classes for both Polish and English speaking individuals. The school is located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY. It serves the local communities since 2005 offering various computer classes as well as private, one on one, sessions.


Currently, Computech offers 2 types of QuickBooks classes. Please visit Our Offer section for more information.

I One Day QuickBooks Desktop Express

II One Day QuickBooks Online Express

II 30 Hour QuickBooks Desktop Class

Lets briefly discuss what QuickBooks is.

QuickBooks is accounting software for business owners who want to keep their finances organized and accurate. It makes accounting easier and more relaible. It helps firms with bookkeeping by keeping track of invoices, vendors, customers. It helps firms with payament process - whether firms pay by checks, credit cards or wires. See some of the QuickBooks Highlights below.

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QuickBooks Highlights

Intuit Quickbooks
  • Enter Bills, Pay Bills, Write Check

  • Create Invoices, Receive Payments

  • Enter Cash  Sales, Make Deposits

  • The Chart of Accounts Lists

  • Receive Items, Sell Items, Pay Sales Tax

  • Banking

  • Inventory

  • IT solutions

  • ​Jobs and Time Tracking